What is a day at BRDC like?
Campers will be placed in a small group with others kids in their grade. We welcome campers to request friends that they would like to be in a group with. The day is broken up into 3 scheduled activity periods, one swimming period and 2 or 3 elective periods (plus lunch and snack). During their time at camp, campers will have the opportunity to try every activity that we offer! Elective choices are made while the campers are at camp, so they can pick whatever they are most interested in that day or that week!

What are the dates and rates for camp?
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What transportation options does BRDC offer?
BRDC provides bus pick-up and drop-off at centralized locations in many Litchfield and Hartford county towns. For a full bus schedule click here. Bus transportation is included in tuition. We also offer the option to drop-off and pick-up your camper at BRDC. We offer flexible transportation options, allowing you to choose different bus stops for morning and afternoon and/or different stops for different days of the week!

What are the qualifications of the BRDC staff?
The BRDC staff is made up of teachers, parents, college & high school students ages 16 and up. All staff are thoroughly screened, including an interview and reference and background checks. Many of our staff have been campers at BRDC or have children of their own who are campers!

Do I have to send a lunch and snacks for my camper?
No! BRDC provides lunch and an afternoon snack to all campers. Lunch includes a hot meal & sides, sandwiches & bagels as alternatives, an extensive salad bar, yogurt, fresh fruit, sports drinks and water. Gluten free and vegetarian options are always available. Dessert is served only on special occasions. In addition to an afternoon snack, fresh fruit and water are available all day long.

What is BRDC’s policy on food allergies?
BRDC does not serve foods containing peanuts or tree nuts. We ask that parents do not send any items to camp which contains nuts. Gluten free options are served every day. In addition, we can accommodate most other food allergies. Our director has extensive personal experience with food allergies and works with the kitchen staff to check labels and provide alternative options as needed. If your camper has a food allergy please be sure to speak to Nicole at least 2 weeks prior to your camper’s first day.

Can BRDC administer medication?
Yes! The BRDC nurse, along with other members of the administration and select counselors, are trained to administer emergency medications such as Epi-pens and Inhalers. Please see below for information regarding the forms that are required for administration of prescription medications. In addition, the nurse can administer over the counter medications such as Tylenol & Bacitracin as needed. The over-the- counter medications are provided by BRDC and do not require additional paperwork from your camper’s doctor. If your camper requires an over-the- counter medication which is not stocked by BRDC, additional forms are required by the State of CT.

What medical forms are required?
The State of CT requires that every camper and staff member has a physical on file that is within 3 years of their last day of camp. If your camper has been to BRDC before and we already have a valid physical on file, we will automatically upload it to your 2020 account for you! In lieu of the BRDC medical form, we can also accept the standard State of CT form or any equivalent form from the pediatrician. If your camper requires any prescription medications, including epi-pens and inhalers, a Prescription Authorization Form is required every year. If your camper requires any non-prescription medications that are not stocked by BRDC, the Authorization form is also required. All of the medical forms are available online in your BRDC account. You will create a login when you register. If you are already registered CLICK HERE to be re-directed to the login page!

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