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Our Activities

Campers are exposed to a wide variety of activities. They include, but are not limited to: Aquatics, Sports, Outdoor Adventure, Arts & Sciences. Some activities may only be available for elective periods. Additional elective options not listed will also be offered!


Swim Lessons

Campers grades pre-K through 5 have instructional swim daily from American Red Cross certified counselors, with the goals of increasing stroke proficiency, building confidence and having fun.


Boulder Ridge has a fleet of canoes and kayaks and campers receive instruction in these areas. Additionally, campers may learn what it means to “swamp” their canoe or have Boat Battles as they race around our 2+ acre pond.

Waterfront / Free Swim

With an in-ground heated pool and a 2+ acre pond, older campers may have the option to choose a free swim period as an elective. Campers of all ages are able to explore our fun water activities at the pond, including a water trampoline, water mat and much more!



BRDC has all the equipment needed for your child to learn the game of lacrosse. Campers may try some fun drills to learn the basics and will be taught the rules to play a real game!


BRDC’s soccer field has plenty of room for novice and expert soccer players to learn and improve their skills! Whether it’s a big game in the afternoon or an instructional activity time in the morning, the soccer field is always busy with eager campers kicking the ball around.

Upper Field

Whether it’s softball, whiffle ball, kickball or flag football, our baseball diamond is always full of kids and staff. Good sportsmanship is encouraged, and campers always leave feeling accomplished

Group Games

While GaGa and 9 Square are camp favorites, there is always time for silly relay races, Steal the Bacon, obstacle courses, and more!Campers will learn many new games at camp – all meant to challenge them and promote team building.


Our two basketball courts are the perfect place to improve your shot, learn some passing drills and play against your friends. Maybe we’ll mix it up with a game of scooter basketball, 21 or Knock-Out! Sometimes in the afternoons, new elective choices are offered using the basketball courts, such as Floor Hockey or Dodge Ball.


Our sand volleyball courts are busiest right after lunch with intense games of Nuke’Em with campers and staff alike cheering on their group-mates. Age-appropriate volleyball skills are taught during activity periods, with the emphasis always on team work.


Our two tennis courts offer just the place for future U.S. Open champions to practice. Instruction from our tennis specialist is offered each activity period. Campers may sign up in the afternoon elective periods to practice their skills, receive instruction and compete in tournaments.


Boulder Ridge offers campers a chance to discover new skills on our mats, balance beam, and mini-tramp. Make up a cheer routine with your friends, learn some tumbling, or just build muscle and improve flexibility under our gymnastics tent.

Outdoor Adventure


Robin Hood, where are you? Become a skilled archer this summer. Boulder Ridge Day Camp’s archery range is the best place for your kids to become sharpshooters. Morning instruction teaches campers the skills they need and the safety required to be a top-notch archer. Afternoon choices bring new activities like aiming at water balloons, learning how to count points, or maybe even hitting that moving target!

Low Ropes Course

Take a swing across the swamp of lava, or rescue your fellow campers from the hungry eyes of a dragon! At BRDC’s Low Ropes Course, trained facilitators will take groups on a journey through challenges and initiatives, where campers will unknowingly learn what it means to work as a team.

Mountain Bikes

With fleets of bikes that fit all age campers, come explore what camp looks like from a bike! For our younger campers, maybe this will be the summer you learn how to ride a bike! For our older campers, experience the variety of terrain we have at Boulder Ridge on a tour around camp, rides on the trails, or trips off camp.

Climbing Tower/Zip Lines

Easily one of the most popular activities at BRDC, the Climbing Wall and Zip Lines are for the campers that like challenges. After climbing our 30 foot tower, campers (in a safety harness, of course) can cruise down our 450′ foot zip line, traversing the pond and landing safely near the basketball courts. For our younger campers and others who do not wish to climb, we also have two zip lines accessible from a set of stairs!


Surrounded by over 68 acres of some of the best things to be found in nature, Boulder Ridge campers will be blazing new trails as they discover and learn to appreciate the great outdoors. Come fishing in the pond, create a raft, build a lean-to or plant vegetables in the Boulder Ridge Garden.

High Ropes

Campers will get to swing through the trees in our premiere high ropes course. Campers will be challenged to climb, scramble and overcome their fear far away from the forest floor.

Arts & Sciences


The possibilities are endless in our new building workshop. From Legos to cardboard to challenge boxes full of wacky materials, campers will use their imaginations and problem solving skills to build something new every time!


We’re not talking PB&J! Campers will create such things as monkey bread, fruit smoothies and camp s’mores, along with an assortment of other fun foods and be able to eat them right away! We introduce cooking techniques while creating nutritious snacks to munch on.

Science Lab

Build a rocket! Drop an egg parachute off the top of the tower! Make gross concoctions! School may be out for the summer, but at Boulder Ridge, campers still have the chance to be a part of some pretty amazing experiments!

Performing Arts

Want to be an actor? Learn how to juggle? Do you know where stage right is? Music, dance, and drama all have a place at Boulder Ridge. Perform in our talent show! Join a camp band! Everyone’s a star at Boulder Ridge.

Jewelry Making

Plenty of string & gimp, and the possibilities are endless! Make some cool designs to bring home, or better yet share them with your new camp friends!

Arts & Crafts

Learn the newest friendship bracelet, sculpt a pot or be a part of creating the newest backdrop for the camp Talent Show! Whether it’s an organized craft or experimenting with new paints and sketching methods, your camper will find a home in our Boulder Ridge Arts & Crafts room!
Additional elective options may include Dance/Cheer, Sports Clinic, Science Experiments and much more!!!!
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